15th / 18th century

15th/18th century

We make clothes on measure entirely hand-made, to be used in historical events set since 15th to the 18th century.

The first artistic expression of the costume is its "sketch", a design that represents the first impact with the creative genius of the designer; then to makes the project realistic we build the "pattern".
The costume is handmade with quality fabrics, wich make it an exclusive dress for our customers, who can boast unique designs.

In the '500, with the discovery of the Americas, clothing is enriched with embroideries and damask fabrics: it is the "Renaissance".
Follows the austere and rigid "sixteenth century" influenced by the Spanish costume and the typical ruffled collar: is the "Baroque" with his precious velvets.
In the 18th century there's the refinement and gallantry of the "Rococò" style, which will find the utmost expression in the "eighteenth-century Venetian", from glittering fabrics, voluminous wigs for men, busts and decorated skirts for ladies.
Between the '700s and' 800s, appear other styles, including "Neoclassico", "Impero" and "Eclettismo".
Our proposals of historical costumes:

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